iPhone 3G

Yay, after standing a queue outside the carphone warehouse shop for 2+ hours. I got my hands on the 16Gb iPhone.

So far my opinion of it is pretty positive. The browser is as good as I was expecting and pretty much all the functionality works as expected.

As is traditional with new technology I have also managed to break something on it. The camera used to ask to use the gps to geotag pictures that you take using the camera. Quite a handy feature, but now it no longer asks for permission. So, it’s either just going ahead and doing it without asking or not working at all.

The other slight annoyance is that there isn’t a native wordpress app that I can use for posting pictures or making blog posts.

I thought that would be quite handy.

more updates on that as I can be bothered.

Switching to the Mac (Part 2)

I thought I’d put up a list of software that I’ve found handy since moving to the mac. Some things are handy when you are first setting up your new mac to help to knock the (relatively few) rough edges off the OS.

Other things are better to have running in the background all the time. And yet more things are useful to have on the machine for when you need them. Click More for the list.

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